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Slava Semeshko

For more than 15 years he has been engaged in wellness practices in manual techniques
Slava Semeshko
Blogger, presenter and organizer of seminars on osteopathy and manual techniques. Thousands of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system have passed through my hands.

In 2015, I created the manual therapy center "Recovery", where I am now receiving patients. Since 2017, I have been conducting training seminars on manual techniques and trust techniques of osteopathy in Rostov-on-Don and Moscow.

1 200 000
subscribers on youtube
years of practice
20 000
satisfied customers
The consultation is conducted by:
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Joint pain
Joint and spine pain, joint mobility limitations
Extrusion (intervertebral hernia), protrusions
Numbness of the limbs
Consultation on problems:
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I give recommendations on the load on the spine, correction of posture, methods of improving the spine and joints.
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    You can get advice if you live in another city / country, or are on a trip, business trip
    You choose the time of consultation that is convenient for you and the place where it will be convenient for you
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    You sign up for a consultation through the website
    You sign up for a consultation through the website
    Pre-prepare pictures and conclusions on your problem (if any)
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    On the appointed day and hour, we contact you via Zoom. And we conduct a consultation.
    Identifying the problem
    We identify the problem and identify possible solutions
    Solving the problem
    I give you recommendations on how to solve your problem
    Get advice from Slava Semeshko
    Identify the problem
    I will give recommendations on its solution
    The cost of the consultation:
    For a better consultation, it is advisable to prepare pictures and conclusions on your problem. You can also send the pictures by email:
    The consultation is conducted with a professional translator
    To make an appointment for a consultation, write to WhatsApp at: +7 952 600-30-80
    That's what our customers say about us:
    I want to thank Slava Semeshko for his golden hands! After training in the gym, I felt the strongest pain in the lumbar region, as it turned out, there was a displacement of the vertebrae. On the advice of friends, I turned to Vyacheslav, after the first session I felt relief and lightness in my back.
    An excellent specialist, a master of his craft. I came to him with back pain, signed up for a massage course. Already from the first sessions, I felt an improvement in my condition, after completing the course I forgot about back pain. I want to say a simple human thank you, the way you help people is simply invaluable. Good luck in your business and success.
    Words of infinite gratitude to Slava Semeshko for being able to return the feeling of joy of life. Constant, pressing pain in the head and neck, dizziness and heaviness in the heart area, sometimes turned the days into unbearable agony. Just a few sessions and the pain receded. There was lightness in the whole body and clarity of mind. This is not my first experience of applying to manual therapy. In this case, I would like to note, regarding the treatment process itself, that very gentle and gentle techniques are really used, and this is a huge plus. This is exactly the case when we say that we have before us a specialist who thoroughly knows his business. In addition, he has a sense of medical ethics, he is attentive and tactful with patients. All this together gives a feeling of confidence and trust in the doctor. And as a result, the disease recedes. Thank you very much!